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Professional installation service

If you would love to own one of our products but you are put off by the prospect of installing it, we can now offer you a complete installation service. We have selected teams of certified, professional installers who will bring the product to you and quickly assemble it at a time and day that suits you.

How does this work?

It’s easy. Once you have chosen the product you would like, click on the ‘I’m interested in an installation’ option.
We will then pick up the inquiry and our certified service providers will be in touch to coordinate the installation. You just need to confirm your address and we will provide you with an exact quote for installing your purchased product.

General instructions

Please make sure that the area you would like the product to be installed has:

  • Direct access to the site. We are unable to install where access is indirect i.e. through a house, garage, or neighboring property.
  • A level site with sufficient space to give the installers room to work safely and that there is adequate air circulation around your building.
  • A base that is suitably constructed at least as big as the footprint of your chosen product.


The basic price for installation services for our products are as per the table below:

Category Installation Price EX. VAT
Patio Covers £ 500.00
Conservatories & Sunrooms £ 1,500.00
Gazebo £ 600.00
Enclosed Gazebo £ 1,200.00
Shed 6ft Wide 250 to 350 GBP
Shed 8ft Wide 320 to 490 GBP
Shed 11ft Wide 520 to 900 GBP
Greenhouses 6ft 250 to 350 GBP
Greenhouses 8FT & Bigger 500 to 800 GBP

Please be aware that:

  • These prices are preliminary quotations.
  • These prices cover most UK postcodes but may vary geographically.
  • This service is not sold by Canopia but by our service provider.

If you are happy to proceed, please fill in the next short form and we will start processing.

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